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Cabinet Approves Designation of 13 Strategic Businesses Under Colombo Port City Act

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the designation of 13 more entities as businesses of strategic importance under the provisions of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act No.11 of 2021.

This decision aims to extend proposed exemptions and incentives to these businesses from the acts specified under Schedule II.

The approved entities are:

  1. Horizon Group USA Global LLC
  2. Satguru Travel and Tourism LLC
  3. Pagero Lanka Software Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd
  4. KPMG Professional Services (Private) Ltd
  5. Hexaware Technologies SL (Private) Ltd
  6. Creative Software (Pvt.) Ltd
  7. Remediumone Global Private Limited
  8. GTN Group Holding Limited
  9. IPD Colombo (Private) Limited
  10. Bistec Solutions (Private) Ltd
  11. Port City Duty Free (Pvt.) Ltd
  12. China Duty Free (Lanka) (Pvt.) Ltd
  13. ODF Pte Ltd

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