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CEA to Introduce New Laws Mandating Corporate Responsibility for Plastic Waste

The Central Environment Authority (CEA) has announced plans to introduce new laws that will make companies responsible for collecting plastic packaging and bottles after use. This initiative, known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), aims to create a closed-loop system for plastic waste management.

“We’re developing a plan to ensure manufacturers have a system in place to collect their used plastic packaging and bottles,” explained Chathura Malwana, Acting Deputy Director General of the Waste Management Division at the CEA. “These laws will hold them accountable for the entire lifecycle of their plastic products.”

The new legislation will likely include a ban on littering plastic packaging and bottles to prevent plastic pollution in Sri Lanka’s environment.

“Many single-use plastic products have already been banned in Sri Lanka,” Malwana added. “These new measures are part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our environment for the benefit of all Sri Lankans.”

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