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Concerns Mount Over Rising Tobacco Use Among Schoolchildren in Sri Lanka

Health experts have voiced concerns about the increasing use of tobacco products among schoolchildren in Sri Lanka.

Speaking on World No-Tobacco Day observed yesterday (May 31), Dr. Shakya Nanayakkara, Chairman of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, highlighted the alarming trend of tobacco products becoming more prevalent in schools.

Dr. Nanayakkara stressed that children who develop an addiction to these products are likely to progress to smoking cigarettes. He also pointed out the growing global popularity of e-cigarettes, warning that individuals who form a nicotine habit through e-cigarettes are at a heightened risk of transitioning to traditional cigarette smoking.

Moreover, he cautioned about the adverse effects of nicotine ingestion, including dizziness, vomiting, and general physical discomfort.

Dr. Nanayakkara urged parents and teachers to educate children about the dangers of nicotine and the underlying reasons for its use.

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