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Experience a Range of Benefits: Jayagamu Sri Lanka Expands to Matara

Experience a Range of Benefits: Jayagamu Sri Lanka Heads to Matara

The “Jayagamu Sri Lanka People’s Mobile Service” is excited to announce its expansion to Matara! Mark your calendars for July 5th and 6th and visit Hakmana Danny Abeywickrama Playground to avail yourself of this comprehensive opportunity.

Led by Minister Manusha Nanayakkara from the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, this initiative aims to empower Sri Lankan workers by equipping them with essential skills and tools necessary to thrive in today’s digital workforce.

Having made a positive impact in several districts, “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” assists job seekers and employed individuals alike. The program collaborates with prominent organizations such as the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Shrama Vasana Fund, Garusaru, Smart Youth Club, and Migrant Worker Harasara to provide awards that directly benefit public welfare.

Residents of Matara can anticipate initiatives such as providing smart boards to schools and educational equipment to students from low-income households. These efforts are just a few examples of how “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” contributes to community welfare.

Moreover, beyond enhancing career prospects, the program fosters an entrepreneurial spirit among low-income families and migrant workers, enabling them to build a better future. By bringing a wide array of services directly from the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment to Matara, “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” eliminates the need for lengthy journeys to Colombo.

Join us at Hakmana Danny Abeywickrama Playground on July 5th and 6th to experience firsthand the transformative impact of “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” in Matara. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to empower yourself and your community.

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