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Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sabry Seeks Thai Assistance for Repatriating Sri Lankan Nationals from Myanmar

Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sabry has reached out to Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, requesting assistance for the prompt repatriation of rescued Sri Lankan nationals currently situated in the Myawaddy area of Myanmar.

The request was conveyed during a telephone conversation held on Thursday morning (March 14), as stated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a released statement.

Subsequently, the Thai Foreign Minister has expressed agreement to facilitate the repatriation process for the Sri Lankans rescued from the cyber slave camp in Myawaddy through Thailand.

As per the ministry’s update, a total of 8 Sri Lankans, currently under the protection of the Myanmar government in Myawaddy, have been provided with necessary assistance including meals and basic necessities, with the coordination of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Yangon.

Both Sri Lanka’s Embassies in Yangon and Bangkok are collaboratively ensuring the safe and swift repatriation of these individuals.

The ministry further affirmed its ongoing efforts towards the rescue and repatriation of the remaining Sri Lankan nationals still stranded in the Myawaddy area.

Reflecting on the successful visit of the Thai Prime Minister to Sri Lanka in February of this year, both Ministers have pledged to expedite the implementation of the Sri Lanka-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (SLSFTA) and establish reciprocal visa-free arrangements between the two nations.

Moreover, discussions during the telephone conversation encompassed plans to bolster cooperation in renewable energy and fisheries sectors.

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