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IMF Reports on Global AI Readiness and Impact

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has mapped the world’s readiness for Artificial Intelligence (AI) through its new AI Preparedness Index Dashboard, tracking 174 economies across various criteria including digital infrastructure, human capital, labor policies, innovation, integration, and regulation.

Sri Lanka scored 0.44 on the AI Preparedness Index, while many developed countries scored over 0.8.

The IMF research highlights AI’s potential to reshape the global economy, potentially affecting 33% of jobs in advanced economies, 24% in emerging economies, and 18% in low-income countries. Despite risks, AI also promises to enhance productivity and create new jobs and industries.

However, disparities in workforce skills and infrastructure could exacerbate inequality among nations, requiring proactive policies to ensure AI’s benefits are widely shared.

The AI Preparedness Index Dashboard serves as a resource for policymakers, researchers, and the public to assess and address AI readiness effectively.

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