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Indian High Commissioner Proposes Land Bridge to Boost India-Sri Lanka Connectivity

Santosh Jha, the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, has advocated for the establishment of a land bridge between India and Sri Lanka, citing its potential to drive economic prosperity and development to unprecedented levels.

Jha emphasized the transformative impact that a land bridge could have, particularly in fostering deep energy connectivity between the two nations. He dismissed doubts regarding the effectiveness of energy connectivity with India, asserting that both countries are ready to embrace forward-looking strategies.

Highlighting India’s ongoing efforts to enhance connectivity with neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, as well as nations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Jha underscored the strategic significance of integrating Sri Lanka into this network.

At the core of Jha’s proposal is the concept of linking India and Sri Lanka through their electricity grids. By tapping into Sri Lanka’s potential as an energy exporter, he argued, both countries could reap significant economic benefits. This integration not only promises additional revenue streams for Sri Lanka but also addresses the challenge of high energy costs, a major hindrance to economic progress.

Furthermore, the Indian High Commissioner outlined broader initiatives aimed at bolstering energy connectivity, including investments to reduce energy expenses in Sri Lanka and measures to enhance transportation links by air and sea.

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