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Israel Celebrates 76th Independence Day in Sri Lanka

On the occasion of the 76th Independence Day of the State of Israel, which fell on May 14, a celebration ceremony was recently held at the Israeli Embassy in Colombo. The event, which was attended by Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara as the chief guest, consisted of a colorful display of Israeli culture, heritage and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka Naor Gilon said that he is very happy to celebrate the 76th National Day of Israel with the people of Sri Lanka. The Israeli ambassador who commented further said as follows.

“I was very happy to meet many friends of Israel including famous leaders of this wonderful country in Sri Lanka. I would also like to mark this opportunity as my farewell as I will be returning to Israel this summer after completing my term. In recent years, our bilateral cooperation in areas such as tourism, trade and employment of Sri Lankan workers in Israel has been steadily growing. I hope my successor will enhance our bilateral cooperation.”

Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon held discussions with President Ranil Wickremesinghe during his stay in Sri Lanka, and focused on the existing areas of cooperation and increasing mutual cooperation between the two nations. The Ambassador also held bilateral discussions with the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, and the Honorary Secretary of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aruni Wijewardena.

Naor Gilon is the Indian Ambassador to Israel as well as the Non-Resident Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

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