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Main Reservoirs Reach 80% Capacity Amid Heavy Rainfall

Due to recent heavy rainfall, the total water capacity of the main reservoirs in the country has reached 80%, according to Irrigation (Hydrology) Director Eng. S.P.C. Sugeeshwara Bandara.

As a result, the Deduru Oya reservoir in the Kurunegala District, as well as the Rajanganaya and Angamuwa reservoirs in the Anuradhapura District, have begun spilling. Several reservoirs in the Hambantota and Matara Districts are also spilling. “Medium-sized tanks in the Matara District have started to spill, and their water levels will rise with continued rainfall in the coming days,” Bandara added.

The Irrigation Department has issued a warning for residents in the Kandy, Nuwara-Eliya, and Sabaragamuwa Districts to be vigilant for sudden floods due to anticipated heavy showers of about 150 mm. Those with previous experiences of sudden floods are advised to remain alert for potential flash floods.

Residents are also urged to exercise caution when using rivers and canals, as water levels may suddenly increase. Due to ongoing heavy rains, higher water levels have been recorded in the Deduru Oya, Maha Oya, Attanagalu Oya, Kelani Ganga, Kalu Ganga, Ging Ganga, Nilwala Ganga, and Bentara Ganga. Continued heavy rains over the next few days could lead to flooding in the aforementioned districts.

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