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Major General S.R.B Aluvihare Assumes New Role at Army Headquarters

Major General S.R.B Aluvihare RWP RSP ndu psc of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment assumed office yesterday at the Army Headquarters during a simple ceremony.

As members of the ‘Maha Sangha’ began chanting ‘Seth Pirith,’ Major General Aluvihare signed an official document in his office, symbolizing the acceptance of his new position. Afterwards, the Chief of Staff of the Army interacted with the monks, offering ‘Pirikara’ and ‘Gilanpasa’ to them.

Prior to this new appointment, Major General Aluvihare served as the Commander of Security Forces – Central.

A representative gathering of Senior Officers, Officers, Staff Officers from the Chief of Staff’s office, and Other Ranks joined the inauguration of the new office.

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