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Media Law Forum Introduces New Social Media Guidelines

With the global number of social media users projected to exceed 5 billion by January 2024, and Sri Lanka alone accounting for 7.5 million users, the Media Law Forum has launched a comprehensive set of guidelines to promote responsible social media use. Projections suggest that Sri Lanka’s social media user base will grow significantly to 21.66 million by 2029.

Social media has become an essential platform for advocating, safeguarding, and championing people’s rights, particularly in expanding freedom of expression. It plays a vital role in educating individuals about their rights, amplifying voices, identifying violators of human and political rights, initiating human rights campaigns, and defending fundamental rights.

However, the broadening of freedom of expression through social media also has negative consequences. Some individuals misuse this freedom, leading to rights violations. To mitigate these challenges, societies with advanced media cultures are adopting various measures, including the creation of social media usage guidelines.

In this context, the Media Law Forum has introduced a set of guidelines that consider the current legal framework, societal norms, and professional ethics. These guidelines aim to foster appropriate conduct within the social media industry, outlining both recommended practices and those to avoid.

The guidelines cover a wide array of recommended behaviors and actions for navigating the digital landscape. They are designed to evolve over time, influenced by social context, and cater to both individuals and businesses using social media. These recommendations recognize the diverse purposes and implications of online interactions.

For more details, refer to the full guidelines available on the Media Law Forum website.

The guidelines can be downloaded in all three languages from the provided link.

Sinhala LanguageGuideline for the use of Social Media Sinhala

Tamil LanguageGuideline for the use of Social Media Tamil

English LanguageGuideline for the use of Social Media English


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