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Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera to Implement Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for Eggs Amidst Soaring Market Rates

Highlighting a concerning disparity, Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera has stressed that while the cost of producing an egg in Sri Lanka is Rs. 30, the market price for a local egg has surged to Rs. 60.

In response to this alarming situation, the Minister has announced plans to swiftly implement a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for eggs. This decisive action aims to curb unfair practices by manufacturers and traders who have been capitalizing on the elevated market demand by overcharging consumers.

Minister Amaraweera has confirmed that the proposal for the new maximum retail price will be submitted to the Consumer Affairs Authority in the coming week. The move is anticipated to safeguard consumers from exorbitant pricing while fostering a fair and transparent market environment within the poultry industry.

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