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Republican Lawmaker Nominates Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize, Citing ‘Historic’ Middle East Policy

New York representative Claudia Tenney has officially nominated former President Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, commending his role in the Abraham Accords treaty, which normalized relations between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel. Tenney, in a statement on her website, emphasized Trump’s instrumental contribution to achieving the first new peace agreements in the Middle East in almost three decades.

“For decades, bureaucrats, foreign policy ‘professionals,’ and international organizations insisted that additional Middle East peace agreements were impossible without a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. President Trump proved that to be false,” Tenney stated.

She asserted that Trump’s efforts in creating the Abraham Accords were unprecedented, calling attention to the lack of recognition by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. Tenney emphasized the need for Trump’s nomination, especially in contrast to what she described as Joe Biden’s weak leadership on the international stage.

The Abraham Accords, while praised for strengthening Israeli-Arab ties, have faced criticism for not providing meaningful solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Critics argue that the agreements lacked Palestinian involvement and coincided with conflicts in the Middle East.

Despite prior nominations during his presidency, Donald Trump has not won the Nobel Peace Prize. He has previously expressed discontent with the Nobel Committee and suggested that he deserved the prize for various accomplishments.

The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded annually in October, remains a subject of controversy and speculation, with Trump’s nominations in 2020 and 2021 ultimately not resulting in victory.

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