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Revelation from Minister Manusha about the Crisis Caused by srilankan Workers Who Went to Israel

A meeting between Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara and Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka Naor Gilon was held today at the Ministry of Labor in Narahenpita.

During this discussion, Israel’s employment opportunities for Sri Lankans and the situation of Sri Lankans currently working in Israel were discussed.

It was pointed out that due to an emergency situation in Israel two years ago, even unskilled workers were requested from Sri Lanka. However, due to problems caused by the behavior and work efficiency of some Sri Lankans who went to Israel, agricultural entrepreneurs in Israel are now reluctant to hire Sri Lankan workers.

Minister Manusha Nanayakkara explained that this situation arose because some Sri Lankan workers in Israel began to engage in protests similar to those in Sri Lanka. As a solution, a program has been planned to invite Israeli agricultural entrepreneurs to Sri Lanka and let them interiew the suitable individuals.

The minister noted that only workers who have passed background checks, prepared necessary documents such as police reports, and have been selected through the Israeli lottery will be considered. New workers will have the opportunity to go to Israel after nearly eight thousand selected individuals have been sent.

In addition to the agricultural sector, there are many job opportunities in construction, nursing, and hotels in Israel. Workers not qualified for the agricultural sector but who are currently eligible to go to Israel will have the chance to apply for these other job opportunities.

It was also reported that workers are needed for large-scale construction projects in Israel. An agreement was reached to give the currently selected workers opportunities in these projects. Accordingly, Sri Lankans will have the chance to work on massive constructions such as highways and railways in Israel.

Minister Nanayakkara acknowledged that Israeli jobs are currently in crisis due to the irresponsible behavior of some workers who went to Israel in the past. He stressed that while it is true that disturbances caused by these workers have jeopardized job opportunities in Israel, ”Some are saud ther are send by Mnusha. yes wll there workers sent by me. But i send them from four coners of the islang.” said the minister. He furtherr to said that he will take strict action against such behavior, and would not hesitate to call these workers back to Sri Lanka if necessary.

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