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SLTB Introduces Special Bus Service Ahead of Sinhala and Tamil New Year

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has announced the implementation of a special bus service starting today (April 5) in anticipation of the upcoming Sinhala and Tamil New Year season.

In light of the festivities, the SLTB has revealed plans to deploy approximately 200 additional buses to cater to the surge in demand, especially for those residing in Colombo and its suburbs who are traveling to their hometowns.

This special bus service will be in operation from Colombo to various destinations across the island, ensuring convenient travel arrangements for the public.

In a parallel initiative, Sri Lanka Railways has also confirmed the operation of special trains for long-distance journeys starting from April 10. As part of this service, approximately 12 additional train journeys will be incorporated into the daily schedule.

The special train services are slated to accommodate the general public until April 15, providing an efficient and accessible mode of transportation during the festive period.

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