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Sri Lanka Addresses Concerns Over Chinese Research Vessels and Regional Security

Minister Ali Sabry Sabry has addressed concerns regarding Chinese research vessels in Sri Lankan waters and India’s security complaints, assuring that Sri Lanka takes such issues seriously.

“Whenever concerns are raised, we ask for evidence and take legitimate actions if necessary. We have made it clear to all partners that we will not allow anything that legitimately threatens our neighbors’ security. We do not want tensions at our doorstep. However, as a maritime hub, we are obligated to ensure freedom of navigation through our shores. If evidence shows that actions threaten security, we will act accordingly. We are in constant touch with our friends, assessing each case individually. We are also working to improve our maritime research capacity,” elaborated the Foreign Affairs Minister at a forum in Singapore.

Sri Lanka’s approach aims to balance strategic autonomy with economic development, fostering an environment conducive to international investment while safeguarding regional stability.

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