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The International Bali Process Business & Government Forum Concludes Successfully with ‘The Colombo Commitment’

The International Bali Process Business & Government Forum – Sri Lanka Summit, hosted by the Capital Maharaja Group, concluded successfully at Stein Studios with the declaration of ‘The Colombo Commitment.’

‘The Colombo Commitment’ was declared to address human trafficking and modern slavery, marking the conclusion of the summit following successful deliberations. The event also saw business leaders make individual commitments to combat these issues.

The Bali Process Government and Business Forum, co-chaired by two global billionaires, was held at Stein Studios in Sri Lanka for the first time on Thursday, June 13. The ‘Sri Lanka Summit’ was attended by ministerial delegates from the Asia-Pacific region, diplomats, representatives from international organizations, and leading business figures.

The Bali Process is a global movement against modern slavery in all its forms, spearheaded by its co-chairs, Australian mining billionaire Dr. Andrew Forrest and Indonesian energy billionaire Garibaldi Thohir. The forum is part of a global effort to protect over 30 million people from various forms of modern slavery around the world, advocating for legislation and collective responsibility by both source countries and employment destination nations.

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