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Three Tons of Discarded Plastic Bottles from Sri Pada Pilgrims Collected in Three Months

The Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha has reported the successful collection of three tons of plastic bottles discarded by pilgrims visiting Sri Pada within the initial three months of the current Sri Pada season.

S. Rajaweeran, the Secretary of the Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha, disclosed that garbage bins have been strategically placed along the pilgrimage route to facilitate the disposal of plastic water bottles carried by pilgrims. Despite these efforts, some pilgrims continue to improperly dispose of plastic bottles in the environment rather than utilizing designated garbage bins.

The collected plastic water bottles from Sri Pada pilgrims are transported to the garbage recycling center in Nallathanniya, where they will be sold to the private sector, contributing to sustainable waste management practices.

In addition to waste management efforts, discussions are underway with the Water Supply Board to address the drinking water problem in the Nallathanniya area caused by the current extremely dry weather conditions, as highlighted by the Secretary. Source –

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