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Vaiko Urges Indian Government to Address Sri Lanka Relations Amidst China Concerns

During an all-party meeting convened by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi, Vaiko, the general secretary of India’s MDMK and a Rajya Sabha member, called upon the Indian government to carefully navigate its relationship with Sri Lanka in light of the growing influence of China in the island nation.

Vaiko highlighted China’s establishment of a port in Hambantota, emphasizing that the Indian government should recognize the potential threat posed by China, particularly from the southern front.

A statement from Vaiko’s party further elaborated that he raised concerns over the alleged attacks on Tamil fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy, stating that over 800 fishermen had lost their lives without adequate protection for their safety and possessions.

Moreover, Vaiko seized the opportunity to criticize Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi, accusing him of being inconsistent in his remarks on various issues. He specifically mentioned Ravi’s statement regarding Subhas Chandra Bose’s role in India’s independence, citing Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahalad Joshi’s defense of Ravi’s clarification.

Vaiko expressed apprehension about the state of Indian democracy, warning of dire consequences if “Hindutva forces” succeed in imposing uniformity through initiatives such as one country, one election, one language, and one religion.

The call for nuanced diplomacy with Sri Lanka and the critique of domestic political dynamics underscored Vaiko’s concerns about regional stability and democratic principles. Source: The Hindu

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