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All-Ceylon Restaurant Owners’ Association Announces Price Hike on Food Items Including Kottu, Fried Rice, and Milk Tea

In a press briefing held today, the All-Ceylon Restaurant Owners’ Association has declared an increase in the prices of various food items, effective from midnight today (02).

Harshana Rukshan, the President of the association, explained during the briefing that this decision was reached after careful consideration of the substantial rise in the production costs of food items.

As part of the adjustment, the price of a cup of plain tea will see an increase of Rs. 05, while a cup of milk tea will witness a Rs. 10 hike. Moreover, the cost of a packet of rice and curry is set to rise by Rs. 25, and both Kottu and Fried Rice packets will incur an additional charge of Rs. 50, starting from midnight today.

The association emphasized that in the event of a reduction in the prices of consumer goods, they are prepared to extend relevant concessions to the general public. This move is seen as a response to the escalating costs within the industry and aims to ensure the sustainability of businesses associated with the All-Ceylon Restaurant Owners’ Association.

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