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Big Onion Importers Agree to Supply Stocks at Competitive Prices Following Discussion with Trade Minister

In a recent development, big onion importers have committed to offering their stocks at prices ranging from Rs. 450 to Rs. 500 after engaging in discussions with the Trade Minister.

A meeting took place yesterday between essential goods importers and the Minister at the Ministry to address the provision of essential goods to the public during the upcoming new year season.

Following the meeting, Minister Nalin Fernando addressed the media, announcing the success of the discussions with essential goods importers. They have agreed to make their goods available in the local market at competitive rates.

The big onion importers cited restrictions imposed by Pakistan on big onion imports. Nevertheless, they assured readiness to import big onions from other countries such as Holland and Turkey, pledging to supply stocks at affordable prices during the festive season.

Minister Fernando further disclosed that an agreement was reached with the importers to decrease the price of milk powder by Rs. 150 per kilo. He assured that steps would be taken promptly to make this reduction accessible to consumers.

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