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Bringing many benefits, the next program ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ will be held in Nuwara Eliya on May 17-18

In order to face the new world with strength, the Nuwara Eliya District Extension of the Jayagamu Sri Lanka People’s Mobile Service, which aims to create an empowered future generation, will be held on May 17-18 at the Nuwara Eliya “Cinecita” Stadium.

The 14th installment of the island-wide mobile service program, conceived by Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, will commence on May 17. The inauguration will see participation from government officials, including Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, political authorities, and representatives from the Labour Department, Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, Manpower and employment Department, and the District Secretary will be participete the event.

The event will feature several key programs:

The ‘Gurasaru’ programme, which aims to establish the professional dignity and professionalism of informal workers, and the ‘Smart Youth Club’ program, which provides vocational training for unemployed youth, will also be held in conjunction with the Jayagamu Sri Lanka People’s Mobile Service.

A program such as providing school bags and school equipment to the children of low-income families will also be held here with the provisions of the Shrama Vasana Fund operating under the Foreign Employment Bureau.

Apart from this, smart boards will be provided for the schools where the children of migrant workers are studying, scholarships will be given to the children of migrant workers, Sathosa vouchers, spectacles and wheelchairs will also be given to the family members of migrant workers. Apart from that, a whole lot of awareness work for local journalists will also be held here.

Also, rewards will be given to the workers who have registered with the Foreign Employement Bureau the most times while traveling abroad, and the first installment amount of 50,000 rupees will be given out of the provision of 100,000 rupees to migrant workers who have come abroad and are engaged in self-employment.

The program will also provide job market advice and guidance to encourage entrepreneurs as well as labour law, human trafficking, etc.

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