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Cabinet of Ministers Approves Amendments to Online Safety Act Following Industry Recommendations

In a recent development, the Cabinet of Ministers has given its approval for several amendments to the Online Safety Act, aligning with proposals presented by various industry professionals. The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting on Monday (Feb.12), where the Public Security Minister tabled a proposal, directing the Legal Draftsman to draft a bill outlining the proposed amendments.

The Online Safety Act, designed to regulate online content, faced controversy when it was passed in Parliament on January 24, with amendments. Opposition politicians and activists raised objections, claiming that the new legislation posed a threat to free speech. The contentious nature of the bill attracted attention not only from local activists and organizations but also from diplomats and prominent international bodies, citing numerous problematic aspects.

Responding to the criticisms, the Sri Lankan government clarified that the objective of the new law is to prohibit the online communication of specific statements within the country. The law also aims to prevent the use of both authentic and inauthentic online accounts for prohibited purposes. Additionally, it seeks to suppress the financing and support of false statements in online communication and addresses other related matters. The forthcoming amendments are expected to address concerns raised by stakeholders and further refine the Online Safety Act.

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