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CEB to Contest Petitions Challenging Electricity Tariff Hike in Supreme Court

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has notified the Supreme Court of its intention to lodge preliminary objections in response to petitions aimed at nullifying the decision to raise electricity tariffs by 18% last September.

Despite having implemented two previous increases in the electricity bill within the preceding year, the petitioners are challenging the legality of the most recent hike.

These petitions were brought before a three-member bench of the Supreme Court, consisting of Justices Preethi Padman Surasena, Janak De Silva, and Mahinda Samayawardena.

Among the petitioners are Janaka Ratnayake, former chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, Bandara Ilangakoon, chairman of the Electricity and Renewable Energy Association, as well as the association’s secretary, among others.

The respondents listed in the petitions include prominent figures such as the Minister of Power and Energy, the Secretary of the Ministry, the current Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, its members, and the Ceylon Electricity Board along with its Chairman.

The petitioners argue that the Ceylon Electricity Board’s recurrent decisions to elevate electricity tariffs are in contravention of existing laws. Furthermore, they contend that the approval granted by the Public Utilities Commission for these tariff increments is also legally dubious.

In their plea for redress, they have requested a judgment affirming their fundamental rights and nullifying the decision to augment electricity tariffs.

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