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Ceylon Electricity Board Plans Nearly 20% Reduction in Electricity Tariffs

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is set to submit new proposals aimed at reducing electricity tariffs by almost 20 percent, marking a significant decrease in costs for consumers. The proposal is scheduled to be presented to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka on Thursday (22).

Responding to inquiries from News 1st regarding the substantial increase in the proposed reduction from the initial 3.4 percent, CEB Spokesperson Engineer Noel Priyantha explained that this adjustment was made possible primarily by lowering maintenance costs.

Priyantha highlighted the challenges faced by the CEB in importing necessary spare parts for maintenance due to constraints posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn. He emphasized that efforts are underway to procure the required parts, with engineers actively engaging in discussions with manufacturers to streamline essential maintenance activities while postponing non-essential tasks.

Following a public consultation held on February 15 regarding the revision of electricity tariffs, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka directed the CEB to submit a revised proposal, prompting the board to take proactive measures to address consumer concerns and financial constraints amidst the ongoing economic challenges.

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