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“Ceylonese Crab” Brings Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine to Singapore

The craving for authentic Sri Lankan cuisine knows no bounds, even for Sri Lankans residing abroad. Thus, the emergence of Sri Lankan restaurants in various foreign locales has become a common trend.

However, for Sri Lankans in Singapore, amidst a culinary landscape dominated by Chinese and Indian flavors, the quest for genuine Sri Lankan fare proved challenging. To bridge this gap, “Ceylonese Crab,” a Sri Lankan restaurant offering an array of authentic dishes, debuted in Singapore on the 2nd.

Owned by Nuwan Bandara, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur based in Singapore, “Ceylonese Crab” marks an expansion of his business endeavors into new culinary territory. Situated at Blk 1202, Seafood Center, East Coast Park, Singapore, the restaurant aims to cater to the Sri Lankan palate in a foreign land.

The opening ceremony of “Ceylonese Crab” witnessed the esteemed presence of Sri Lanka High Commissioner Senarath Dissanayake as the chief guest. Amidst the auspicious ambiance of “Seth Pirit Sajjayana” of Maha Sangharatne, a large gathering, including Sri Lankans, celebrated the inauguration of “Ceylonese Crab.”

Adorned with Sri Lankan decorations and home accents, “Ceylonese Crab” not only offers a tantalizing array of Sri Lankan dishes but also provides insights into local architecture, handicrafts, and home décor patterns.

Reports indicate that the culinary offerings at “Ceylonese Crab” have garnered popularity not only among Sri Lankans but also among foreigners. By transcending territorial boundaries, “Ceylonese Crab” has successfully elevated the art of Sri Lankan cuisine onto the global stage.

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