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Chief Prelates Urge President Wickremesinghe to Enforce Laws Against Spread of False Ideologies on Buddhism

The Chief Prelates (Mahanayaka Theros) representing all three Buddhist Chapters in Sri Lanka have issued a joint appeal to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, urging him to take decisive action against organized groups disseminating false ideologies that they assert are detrimental to Buddhism and its cultural values.

In a collective letter addressed to the Head of State, the chief prelates underscore the escalating concern over the activities of individuals fostering distorted interpretations of Buddhism, emphasizing that such actions can no longer be dismissed as isolated incidents. The Mahanayaka Theros advocate for the formulation of robust legal provisions aimed at preventing recurring instances of ‘Dharma distortions’ and ‘Sasana distortions,’ safeguarding the sanctity of the religion.

Rather than merely addressing these incidents in isolation, the Chief Prelates stress the importance of proactively preparing legal measures to counteract attempts aimed at corrupting the noble essence of Buddhism. They express the urgent need for legislation to curb the dissemination of misleading statements on social media, which they believe contribute to social disturbances within the Buddhist community.

The Mahanayaka Theros appeal for the immediate attention of President Wickremesinghe, who is recognized for his commitment to promoting and safeguarding Buddhasasana, underscoring the significance of swiftly addressing the matter to uphold the integrity of Buddhism in Sri Lankan society.

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