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China Harbour Engineering Company Limited Addresses Allegations Regarding Misuse of Construction Sand

China Harbour Engineering Company Limited issued a statement today responding to recent allegations concerning the misuse of construction sand intended for the Port City Colombo project. The company clarified that the accusations, brought forward by an individual affiliated with a political party, specifically claimed irregularities in diverting sand intended for Port City Colombo to the Port of Colombo for construction purposes.

The statement affirmed that there are no unethical or illegal activities associated with the use of construction sand. China Harbour Engineering Company Limited assured stakeholders that it has initiated a comprehensive internal investigation into the matter. The findings of this investigation will be promptly shared with the relevant authorities to facilitate immediate action, if deemed necessary.

The controversy arose on February 25th when the Frontline Socialist Party disclosed alleged unauthorized use of construction materials at the Colombo Port City project, specifically implicating the construction of two terminals.

Pubudu Jagoda, the Education Secretary of the Frontline Socialist Party, expressed concerns about the Port City construction in Sri Lanka, citing irregularities in the procurement and use of construction materials by the Chinese company contracted for the project.

Jagoda asserted that the company involved in constructing the East Container Terminal and Jaya Container Terminal engaged in questionable practices. He claimed that sea sand from the Port City area was being transported to the Colombo port without proper inspections or permits, and provided video evidence to support these allegations.

According to Jagoda, the videos depict the loading of sand from the Port City’s sand piles onto tipper trucks, which then enter the harbor without adhering to proper inspections or obtaining necessary permits. Furthermore, he alleged that the sand originally designated for the Port City’s construction was being used in the development of the Colombo Port.

Jagoda contended that around 4000 sand cubes, with an estimated value of 90 million Sri Lankan rupees, are transported from the Port City to the Colombo Port every month. He questioned the lack of intervention by the Colombo Port security department and called for an investigation into the alleged breaches of protocol surrounding the procurement and transportation of construction materials for both the Port City and Colombo Port projects.

In response, Keith Barnard, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, stated his lack of awareness regarding the allegations raised by Jagoda. However, he assured that a formal investigation into the matter will be promptly initiated.

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