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Chinese National Arrested in Financial Fraud Allegations Amounting to Rs. 8.4 Million

Police Apprehend 52-Year-Old Suspect in Kollupitiya Division

In a significant development, the police have detained a 52-year-old Chinese national on charges of alleged involvement in financial fraud, with the sum in question totaling nearly Rs. 8.4 million. The arrest was executed in the Kollupitiya police division on Saturday, 24th February, following thorough investigations initiated in response to a complaint filed with the Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau on 31st January.

According to law enforcement authorities, the arrested individual acquired a total of Rs. 8.4 million from multiple individuals. The suspect purportedly asserted that the funds were earmarked for a business venture and assured the lenders that the amount would be returned.

The Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau is presently engaged in conducting further investigations into the matter to ascertain the details and extent of the financial fraud. The arrest underscores the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to address and combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding the financial interests of the public.

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