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Department of Meteorology Warns of Increased Heat Levels in Northwestern, Western, Southern, Sabaragamuwa Provinces, and Mannar District

The Department of Meteorology has issued a warning indicating that temperatures felt on the human body are expected to escalate to the ‘caution level’ in certain areas across the Northwestern, Western, Southern, and Sabaragamuwa Provinces, as well as in Mannar District.

This escalation in temperature levels implies that individuals may experience fatigue when exposed to prolonged heat during these days in the aforementioned regions.

Moreover, the Department highlights that sustained activity in high temperatures can lead to heat cramps. Should the conditions escalate to an extreme caution level, individuals may be at risk of experiencing heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Continued activity in such conditions could potentially result in heat stroke, posing significant health risks to individuals.

Given these warnings, it is imperative for residents and visitors in the affected areas to take necessary precautions to mitigate the risks associated with elevated temperatures and to prioritize their well-being during periods of heightened heat exposure.

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