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Dermatologists Warn of Rapid Spread of Tinea Infections in Sri Lanka

Dermatologists have issued a warning regarding the swift proliferation of Tinea infections, a skin disease, in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Janaka Akarawita, a dermatologist at the Colombo National Hospital, reported that the disease is prevalent among both adults and children.

He emphasized that itching stands out as a primary symptom, accompanied by a scaly rash resembling a ring.

Dr. Akarawita highlighted that the infection predominantly manifests in areas prone to sweating, such as the armpits, feet, and scalp.

Furthermore, he noted that the disease spreads through direct contact and may easily transmit among individuals, including colleagues.

Another dermatologist, Dr. Indira Kahawita, stressed the importance of receiving regular treatment from a qualified physician to manage the disease effectively.

Dr. Kahawita advised that if the rash appears in only one or two spots, seeking medical attention from a family doctor would suffice. However, if the treatment fails to alleviate the rash, seeking assistance from a dermatologist at the nearest state hospital is recommended.

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