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Digitization of 3,000 Schools with Advanced Level Classes to Enhance Equal Educational Opportunities, Announces Education Minister

Education Minister Susil Premajayantha has announced a significant initiative aimed at providing equal opportunities in education by digitizing a total of 3,000 schools with Advanced Level (A/L) classes in March.

Speaking at an event held at the Hindu College in Jaffna, the Minister emphasized the goal of offering children the chance to engage in educational activities by directly connecting with new technology.

Minister Premajayantha disclosed that teacher training related to the digitalization of the identified 3,000 schools is set to commence in March. Additionally, interactive boards will be provided to all the schools involved in the initiative.

Highlighting the advancements made, the Minister mentioned that the computer resource centers established in every education zone have undergone updates to align with the digitization efforts. This initiative is poised to bring about a transformative impact, ensuring students have access to modern educational tools and opportunities for enhanced learning experiences.

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