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DMC Reports 5,587 Houses Damaged Amid Adverse Weather Conditions

The Disaster Management Center (DMC) has announced that a total of 5,587 houses have been damaged due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions in various parts of the island.

According to the DMC, among the affected houses, 56 have suffered severe damages, while 5,531 houses have been partially damaged.

Furthermore, the number of fatalities attributed to the adverse weather has risen to 32, with one person still reported missing. Additionally, 16 individuals have sustained injuries as per the DMC’s reports.

The DMC also reports that 7,639 displaced persons have been relocated to 1,973 relief centers established across the island to provide assistance and support.

Overall, it is estimated that 239,006 individuals from 63,413 families have been impacted by the adverse weather conditions prevailing across the island.

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