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Emeritus Professor Warns of Significant Population Decline in Sri Lanka Due to Decreasing Birth Rate

Emeritus Professor of Demography at the University of Colombo, W. Indralal De Silva, has raised concerns about a substantial decline in Sri Lanka’s population in the future. Prof. De Silva attributes this trend primarily to a 25% drop in the country’s birth rate.

Highlighting the stark statistics, he noted that the number of births in Sri Lanka for the year 2022 has decreased by nearly 90,000 when compared to the figures from 2013. He emphasized that the current birth rate is approaching the number of deaths in the country.

Moreover, Prof. De Silva expressed apprehension that the situation could exacerbate further due to the migration of the country’s youth to foreign nations. The potential outflow of the younger population may contribute to a more pronounced decline in Sri Lanka’s overall population. Source –

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