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Former Deputy Minister Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan Launches “Amman Force” with Backing for President Wickremesinghe

Former Deputy Minister Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan, popularly known as Karuna Amman, has made headlines with the announcement of a new organization named “Amman Force,” comprising former LTTE members and others.

As the leader of the Tamil United Freedom Front (TUFF), Muralitharan declared his support for President Ranil Wickremesinghe in a potential presidential race, citing Wickremesinghe’s track record of national progress amidst challenges.

In a press statement, Muralitharan criticized the previous administration led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, attributing the nation’s decline during that period to what he described as an “abyss.” He lauded Wickremesinghe’s efforts in navigating the country towards improvement amid formidable circumstances, highlighting the advancements made under the current leadership.

Expressing readiness to support Wickremesinghe should he decide to contest the presidential election, Muralitharan hinted at a collaborative approach for the upcoming political endeavor.

Addressing his leadership in the newly established movement, Muralitharan outlined innovative strategies aimed at addressing the needs of war-affected communities, particularly focusing on the welfare of ex-combatants and war widows. He underscored the diaspora’s involvement in supporting these initiatives.

Muralitharan introduced “Amman Force,” a newly formed organization dedicated to assisting ex-combatants, with a primary focus on operations in the Northern region and plans for expansion into the Eastern province. He highlighted the challenging circumstances faced by many former fighters as they strive to rebuild their lives post-conflict.

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