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Government Initiates First Phase of Salary Increase for Employees, Allocates Rs. 5,000 Raise in Accordance with Budget 2024

In adherence to the provisions outlined in the Budget 2024, the initial phase of the government employees’ salary increment has been set into motion. Finance State Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya revealed that a proposed Rs. 10,000 increment has been initiated by disbursing funds for the first Rs. 5,000 raise, effective from January.

Minister Siyambalapitiya further conveyed that the Treasury has already released the funds earmarked for the first part of the salary increase, specifically directed towards teachers’ salaries. This move comes in response to the financial challenges faced by government employees, with a particular focus on the 1.4 million individuals working in various capacities.

Originally slated for implementation in April, the salary increase gained expedited attention following a compelling appeal from the President. In light of this, the government has undertaken unique monetary management strategies to expedite the process, initiating the salary increase from January itself.

The disbursement of funds has commenced with a prioritized allocation for the education sector. Subsequently, funds have been released under a specific order, encompassing sectors such as security, health, among others. Approximately 1.4 million government employees are slated to receive a Rs. 10,000 increase, with the first tranche being a Rs. 5,000 allowance, as informed by the Minister.

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