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Health Sector Faces Critical Shortage of Medical Equipment, Alarming Trade Unions

Health sector trade unions have raised alarm over a severe shortage of critical medical equipment, including surgical tools, in government hospitals.

The ‘Swastha’ information management system, responsible for tracking the availability of medicinal drugs, indicates a significant scarcity of essential items such as esophageal stents, Double J stents (3Fr), and others.

Dr. Chamal Sanjeeva, President of the Union of Medical and Civil Rights Physicians, echoed these concerns during a media address. He highlighted that approximately 3,800 out of 5,800 surgical items are currently unavailable, emphasizing a critical shortage of essential surgical equipment.

Dr. Sanjeeva further stated that medical equipment crucial for emergency services is also experiencing shortages, raising serious concerns about the healthcare system’s ability to respond to urgent medical needs.

In response to inquiries from the Daily Mirror, a senior health official from the Health Ministry stated that there are no official reports indicating surgeries being halted due to equipment unavailability at present. However, the official assured that the Health Ministry will thoroughly investigate the matter, given the concerns raised by the trade unions. Source –

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