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Heat Index Advisory Issued by Department of Meteorology for Several Provinces in Sri Lanka

The Department of Meteorology has released a heat index advisory for tomorrow (11), alerting the public to an anticipated increase in atmospheric temperatures in specific areas of North-western, Western, Southern, and Sabaragamuwa provinces, as well as in the Anuradhapura and Mannar districts.

The advisory indicates that the heat index, representing the temperature felt on the human body, is expected to rise to the ‘Caution level’ in selected locations within North-western, Western, Southern, and Sabaragamuwa provinces, along with Mannar District. The department has cautioned that under such temperature conditions, fatigue may set in with prolonged exposure and activity, potentially leading to heat cramps.

In response to the advisory, the public is urged to stay hydrated, take frequent breaks in shaded areas, and limit strenuous outdoor activities. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to check on the well-being of the elderly and those with health concerns. The advisory emphasizes the importance of never leaving children unattended inside vehicles and recommends wearing lightweight, white, or light-colored clothing to mitigate the effects of elevated temperatures.

The Heat Index Forecast, calculated using relative humidity and maximum temperature, reflects the perceived conditions on the body and is not a forecast of the maximum temperature. Generated by the Department of Meteorology for the upcoming day, the forecast utilizes global numerical weather prediction model data to provide valuable insights into expected heat conditions.

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