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Hollywood Actor Jason Momoa Extends Congratulations to Sri Lanka for UN World Restoration Flagship Designation

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa has extended his heartfelt congratulations to Sri Lanka for being declared a UN World Restoration Flagship. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the island nation’s dedicated efforts in rebuilding and restoring its mangrove ecosystems.

In a video statement, Jason Momoa, who serves as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Advocate for Life Below Water, commended the commendable endeavors of Sri Lanka. The Aquaman star expressed, “As a native Hawaiian, I witnessed the impacts of climate change firsthand this year, with devastating wildfires. Urgent action is needed to restore the health of our lands, coasts, and oceans.”

Highlighting Sri Lanka’s resilience in the face of challenges, Momoa continued, “After the tsunami, the island of Sri Lanka faced the daunting task of rebuilding. They chose to harness the power of nature as a solution rather than fighting against it. I want to celebrate Sri Lanka for earning the distinction of being the UN World Restoration Flagship.”

Momoa shared the inspiring news that within the country, citizens and partners are collaboratively working towards naturally regenerating 10,000 hectares of mangrove forest by 2030 to strengthen the coastline. He concluded with gratitude, saying, “Congratulations Sri Lanka. Mahalo for working together to create positive change. You are the example.”

Earlier this month, Sri Lanka achieved a landmark recognition as a UN World Restoration Flagship for its significant contributions to restoring mangrove ecosystems. The World Restoration Flagship Award, bestowed by the UN, acknowledges the most ambitious, successful, and inspiring examples of large-scale ecosystem restoration worldwide.

Sri Lanka’s designation as a UN World Restoration Flagship underscores its effective implementation of the UN’s Principles for Ecosystem Restoration. The global significance of these best practices and methodologies positions Sri Lanka as a beacon that could potentially guide future restoration efforts across the world.

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