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Implementation of E-Passport Service Aims to Alleviate Queues at Battaramulla Immigration Office

Efforts are underway to introduce the E-Passport service as a solution to address the prolonged queues at the Immigration and Emigration Department office in Battaramulla. Minister Tiran Alles, addressing the media, highlighted the extensive queues that have arisen, particularly concerning the issuance of passports for the Korean Language Proficiency Test.

Minister Alles disclosed ongoing discussions with the Korean government to establish a streamlined system, ensuring that passports are granted exclusively to individuals who successfully pass the language proficiency exam. This initiative aims to optimize the passport issuance process and reduce the inconvenience caused by extended queues.

In addition to addressing passport-related matters, the Minister provided updates on various measures being implemented across the nation. He affirmed that all necessary preparations have been concluded for the issuance of the new National Identity Cards (NIC) through the Department for Registration of Persons.

The introduction of the E-Passport service aligns with the government’s commitment to modernize and enhance efficiency in immigration processes, ultimately improving the overall experience for citizens and addressing specific challenges, such as the current queuing issues in Battaramulla.

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