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“Importers Yet to Decide on Reduction of Milk Powder Prices, Affirms Association”

Importers have clarified that no final decision has been made regarding the reduction of prices for imported milk powder, according to the Milk Powder Importers’ Association. Ashoka Bandara, the association’s media spokesperson, highlighted that an official meeting on the matter has yet to take place.

In March, importers had previously reduced the price of a 1-kilogram milk powder packet by Rs. 150 and a 400-gram packet by Rs. 60. However, it has been observed that imported milk packets are being sold at various rates in the local market following this adjustment.

In light of this situation, a company importing milk powder from New Zealand announced on Wednesday, the 24th, its intention to once again decrease prices, effective immediately. According to their statement, the price of a 1-kilogram packet was expected to be reduced by Rs. 250 and a 400-gram packet by approximately Rs. 100-140.

Nevertheless, the Milk Powder Importers’ Association clarified that it had no involvement in issuing the aforementioned statement.

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