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Increase in Revenue for SLTB During Sinhala and Tamil New Year Season

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has reported a significant boost in its daily revenue, totaling approximately Rs. 25 million, attributed to the special bus service implemented for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season.

Since April 5th, the SLTB has deployed a minimum of 200 additional buses to cater to individuals traveling back to their hometowns for the festive period.

According to SLTB Deputy General Manager Panduka Swarnahansa, this initiative has resulted in a substantial increase in the state-owned bus service provider’s daily income over the past few days.

However, commuters have voiced concerns over the inadequate number of long-distance buses available to accommodate the high volume of passengers, leading to inconvenience.

Meanwhile, the Road Development Authority (RDA) has noted a surge in income generated by expressways, indicating a minimum 10% increase during the festive season. The RDA anticipates further growth in revenue until April 15th.

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