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Indian Coast Guard Seizes Rs 600 Crore Worth of Narcotics from Pakistani Boat ‘Al-Raza’, Apprehends 14 Balochistan Crew Members

The Indian Coast Guard conducted an intelligence-driven anti-narcotics operation resulting in the seizure of narcotics valued at Rs 600 crore from a Pakistani boat named ‘Al-Raza’. Fourteen crew members from Balochistan were apprehended in the operation.

According to a statement from the Indian Coast Guard, the Pakistani boat, along with its crew, has been detained and is being transported to Porbandar, Gujarat for further investigation.

The seized narcotics, weighing approximately 86 kg, were estimated to be worth Rs 600 crore.

Vikas Sahay, the Director General of Police (DGP) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, confirmed that the consignment was intended for Sri Lanka, not India. He emphasized the effective network of the Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) in intercepting such activities, noting that all 14 crew members were residents of Balochistan, Pakistan.

“After their apprehension, a search and seizure operation was conducted on the Al-Raza boat, resulting in the recovery of 78 packets weighing approximately 86 kg, valued at Rs 602 crore in the international market,” the DGP stated.

The successful operation was lauded for its seamless coordination between various agencies including the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS), and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), as highlighted in the statement.

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