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Indian High Commissioner Confirms Imminent Launch of Ferry Services Between India and Sri Lanka

The Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Santosh Jha, has officially confirmed the upcoming commencement of ferry services connecting Nagapattinam, India, and Kankesanthurai, Sri Lanka. Expressing optimism, Jha anticipates the operationalization of the service by the end of February 2024.

Addressing the historical Thalaimannar-Rameswaram ferry link, the High Commissioner acknowledged ongoing efforts and expressed hope for a resolution by the conclusion of the year. However, he underscored the imperative need for infrastructure development, emphasizing repairs to jetties, and the establishment of customs and immigration facilities to facilitate seamless border crossings.

Jha emphasized the pivotal role of connectivity as a foundation of the India-Sri Lanka partnership, highlighting its potential to drive economic prosperity for both nations. He cited the ongoing land bridge project as another testament to collaborative connectivity initiatives.

Beyond the economic advantages, the High Commissioner envisions the ferry service contributing to the development of tourism, hotel infrastructure, and the emergence of new industries, thereby transforming the region into a prosperous hub. Additionally, Jha emphasized the commitment to supporting fishing communities, citing its personal importance and referring to past community development projects undertaken in Sri Lanka.

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