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Indian High Commissioner Envisions Transformative Energy and Land Connectivity Initiatives with Sri Lanka

In a recent discussion, Santhosh Jha, the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, emphasized the potential of energy and land connectivity initiatives between India and Sri Lanka as pivotal game-changers.

Highlighting the developments in the energy sector, Jha outlined ongoing projects aimed at strengthening the energy ties between the two nations. Notably, one of these initiatives involves establishing an oil pipeline connecting South India with Sri Lanka, complemented by plans for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply line. The implementation of these projects is anticipated to augment Sri Lanka’s energy production capabilities and reduce costs. Discussions are also underway regarding grid interconnection to facilitate electricity exchange between the two countries, with Jha underscoring the importance of tapping into Sri Lanka’s renewable energy potential.

Shifting the focus to land connectivity, High Commissioner Jha expressed confidence in India’s infrastructure capabilities, citing the rapid progress in road construction and the development of world-class surface transport systems. He highlighted the ongoing implementation of land bridge projects, including the recently inaugurated Atal bridge in Mumbai spanning 22 kilometers, as a testament to India’s burgeoning infrastructure prowess.

Jha reiterated India’s steadfast commitment to supporting Sri Lanka’s growth and development agenda, emphasizing collaborative efforts aligned with Sri Lanka’s priorities. Whether in the domains of digital identity, energy, or infrastructure, India aims to leverage its capacities meaningfully to contribute to Sri Lanka’s progress, the High Commissioner affirmed. Source –

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