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Indian Navy Rescues Ship from Somali Pirates Off Coast

India’s navy successfully recaptured a ship from Somali pirates off the Indian coast on Saturday, ending a three-month takeover of the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier MV Ruen and rescuing the crew.

The December hijacking of the ship marked the first successful boarding of a cargo vessel by Somali pirates since 2017.

“#IndianNavy thwarts designs of Somali pirates to hijack ships plying through the region by intercepting ex-MV Ruen,” the navy announced on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday night.

The Indian warship Kolkata, in a concerted effort spanning 40 hours, successfully coerced all 35 pirates to surrender and ensured the safe evacuation of 17 crew members.

Indian forces intercepted the MV Ruen on Friday, with the vessel opening fire on the warship. Indian forces, acting in accordance with international law, defended themselves and countered piracy threats with minimal force necessary to neutralize the pirates.

None of the rescued crew members sustained injuries during the operation, conducted in collaboration with several naval vessels, helicopters, and other aircraft.

Bulgarian owner Navibulgar hailed the Ruen’s release as a major success, emphasizing the importance of maintaining security for commercial shipping.

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry is actively seeking the swift return of seven rescued Bulgarian crew members, along with the remaining crew members from Myanmar and Angola.

The pirated ship was recaptured nearly 1,400 nautical miles from the Indian coast.

The Indian navy had been monitoring the MV Ruen since its seizure by Somali pirates east of the Yemeni island of Socotra in December.

The recent upsurge in maritime assaults underscores growing concerns about marine security and shipping, particularly in vital trade corridors off Yemen.

While Somali piracy has diminished since its peak in 2011, recent incidents highlight ongoing challenges in maritime security, particularly in areas susceptible to attacks by pirates and rebel groups.

Source: AFP

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