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Indian Painter Receives Life-Changing Hand Transplant Through Organ Donation

In a remarkable medical feat, a 45-year-old Indian painter, Raj Kumar, who lost both his hands in a tragic accident, has been given a new lease on life with a bilateral hand transplant. The groundbreaking surgery was made possible through the generous organ donation pledge of Meena Mehta, a woman who had dedicated her organs for use following her demise. The complex procedure, performed at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital by a team of skilled doctors, lasted 12 hours and involved the delicate reattachment of bones, arteries, veins, tendons, muscles, nerves, and skin.

Raj Kumar’s ordeal began in October 2020 when he lost both hands in a train accident. Despite attempting prosthetics, his only hope for a functional recovery lay in a hand transplant. Fortunately, Meena Mehta’s organ donation commitment provided a fitting solution.

Dr. Mahesh Mangal, Chairman of the Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and Dr. Swaroop Singh Gambhir, Senior Consultant in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, led the surgical team through the intricate procedure. Dr. Gambhir highlighted the importance of precision and expertise in seamlessly integrating the transplanted hands into Kumar’s body.

Speaking with The Indian Express, Dr. Gambhir explained the meticulous steps involved in the surgery, from fixing bones with plates and screws to connecting arteries and nerves. Kumar, a bilateral amputee, was selected as the ideal candidate for the transplant after a thorough examination and blood matching.

After six weeks of recovery, Kumar is reported to be doing well and is set to be discharged on Wednesday. Notably, Meena Mehta’s altruistic donation extended beyond the hand transplant, with her kidneys, liver, and corneas benefiting other patients, showcasing the transformative impact of organ donation.

In February 2023, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital earned the distinction of becoming the first hospital in North India authorized to perform hand transplant surgeries. Source: The Indian Express

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