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“INSV Tarini Completes Historic Transoceanic Voyage, Showcasing Indian Navy’s Commitment to Gender Equality”

The Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini made a triumphant return to its base port in Goa on April 21st after completing a groundbreaking transoceanic expedition spanning nearly two months. Led by Lieutenant Commanders Dilna K and Roopa A, both women officers of the Indian Navy, the voyage marked a historic milestone as the first-ever Indian team to achieve such a feat.

This remarkable journey not only highlights the individual prowess of Lt. Cdrs. Dilna and Roopa but also underscores the Indian Navy’s dedication to promoting gender equality and empowering women in the maritime sphere. The expedition’s success is expected to inspire future generations, especially women, to partake in challenging maritime endeavors.

In line with its commitment to gender inclusivity, the Indian Navy has been expanding opportunities for women across all ranks and departments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated this commitment during the Navy Day celebrations in December 2023, emphasizing the government’s resolve to bolster the presence of women in the armed forces, including the Navy.

Furthermore, Admiral Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff, has envisioned the Indian Navy’s aspiration of appointing a woman as its chief within the next three to four decades. This vision aligns with the Navy’s progressive strides, exemplified by the appointment of the first woman commanding officer aboard a naval ship, INS Trikant, in December 2023.

Moreover, the Indian Navy’s recent inclusion of over 1,000 women “agniveers” underscores its commitment to fostering gender diversity and empowerment. The decision to open avenues for women across ranks and departments, including the Submarine arm, reflects a significant leap forward in the Navy’s woman empowerment policy.

While India’s decision to induct women into submarine combat roles in 2023 marks a pivotal moment, it also presents numerous challenges, ranging from crew management to accommodation and privacy issues. Drawing insights from leading navies worldwide, the Indian Navy is poised to address these challenges within the cultural context, leveraging its experience with women serving on surface ships since 1997.

With strategic planning and adaptation, the Indian Navy aims to navigate the complexities associated with integrating women into submarine duties, ensuring the seamless transition towards gender-inclusive maritime operations.

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