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“Jayagamu Sri Lanka” Extends Its Reach: From Vavuniya to Gampaha

Vavuniya district is known as a district that was neglected in terms of physical facilities and nationality, which ended up living a harsh life during the 30-year war. This year’s program ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’, which confirms the need to give more attention to the district in providing foreign jobs, was successfully concluded on March 29-30 last two days, benefiting the youth community, professional community, overseas job seekers and their family members.

The ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program was organized with the intervention of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment with the motto ‘Smart Wadden’s Smart Struggle to Vavuniya’ and this is continuously implemented according to the concept of the Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara.

The program held at the Vavuniya Gamini Maha Vidyalaya Stadium was attended by a large number of officials representing government institutions along with young people who are looking for jobs in Vavuniya district, job seekers who are expecting to go abroad, parties in need of job counseling and encouragement and children of families of expatriate workers, school students and students. were

Vavuniya district was a district where the people lived through the darkness of thirty years of war and many bitter episodes and loss of lives. However, Vavuniya was seen here as a district with a friendly community with residents who are living their lives with a smile until today. One of the highlights of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ two-day program was the ‘Smart Youth Club’ stage, which was led by Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara on the second day (30), where schools and young children participated.

The minister asked the youth community in all districts in the ‘Smart Youth Club’ programs so far, ‘Are you happy?’ Vavuniya’s youth participation answered that they are happy. So far, there have been very few such replies from other districts. The value of such a happy and friendly environment and the youth were specially praised by the Minister Manusha Nanayakkara Vavuniya explained the importance of working with the government and registered agencies for the dream of going abroad to the workers.

The Minister requested not to give money to any party who promised to send to foreign countries and to help arrest such persons. The minister stated how the racist forces led the country to war in the past and how they worked to create racist conflict situations and also recalled the decision of the current President Ranil Wickremesinghe to sing the national anthem in Tamil in 2015.

The first day of ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ was reserved for the ‘Smart Wadden’ phase. There, “What I can do only for Galle, I will not do what I can do only for the south, but I will work to divide the north with the same spoon. We are working to treat you more as a province that has received less attention in the same way.” The minister assured. The minister revealed that the expatriate workers have played the biggest role by sending ‘dollars’ to the country when the country is becoming economically stable.

Kader Mastan, Minister of State for Rural Affairs, Wanni District Coordination Committee Chairman – Member of Parliament K. Thilipan, Wanni District United National Party Organizer Mahendra Raja Mayuran, Labor and Foreign Employment Ministry Secretary Ananda Vimalaweera, Vavuniya District Secretary Sarathchandra, Brigadier Shehan Fernando, Manpower and Security Department Director General, Labor Department Deputy Commissioner, Minister’s Personal Adviser Shyam Yahampath, Regional Secretaries, Board of Directors of Foreign Employment Bureau, Management, members of expatriate workers’ families, owners of licensed foreign employment agencies and additional secretaries of the Ministry participated in the events.

Members of migrant workers unions of Vavuniya district also participated in discussions with the minister and the ‘Garu Saru’ program was also held on that day. Under the ‘Garu Saru’ programme, which gives respect to the work of those employed in the informal sector in Sri Lanka, the professionals employed in the informal sector of Vavuniya district were given the opportunity to certify their skills. Letters for that purpose were presented to the workers by Minister Manusha Nanayakkara.

The ‘Garusaru’ program which was started to give not only proper environment, practical qualification, hardship, stability, professional rights but also the respect due to the informal professions is also a concept of Minister Manusha Nanayakkara.

The Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka awarded cash prizes to four expatriate workers who returned to Sri Lanka from overseas jobs and successfully engaged in business activities, and monetary assistance was also awarded to 15 expatriate workers who came to Sri Lanka and engaged in self-employment.

Appreciating the contribution of migrant workers to the country’s economy, spects were given to the members of their families, and the bureau had arranged to give money prizes to 6 people who had settled and left for foreign jobs on several occasions.

In addition, 80 children of expatriate workers working abroad and expatriate workers who have come to Sri Lanka were awarded school equipment and grade five scholarships, G.E.C. Scholarships were also given to 17 children of migrant workers who passed general and advanced level. At the same time, measures were taken to provide 04 smart boards to establish friendly classrooms in schools where the children of migrant workers study.

On the first night, the music concert was held in conjunction with the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program at the Vavuniya Gamini Maha Vidyalaya Stadium. The ‘Smart Youth Club’ stage was held on the 30th, the second day of ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’. On that day, the minister joined the inspection of the foreign employment agencies established at the Gamini Maha Vidyalaya Stadium.

On that day, ten thousand young people were given the necessary provisions to provide professional training under the provisions of the President’s Fund. School equipment sets were also given to school children of families of expatriate workers through the ‘Shrama Vasana’ fund program and school equipment was given to selected school children of low income families representing every divisional secretariat of Vavuniya district.

From Vavuniya, ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ next approach is to Gampaha district. There is an open invitation to the citizens who are engaged in services and jobs related to Gampaha district and who are looking for jobs at home and abroad to participate in the nationwide mobile program ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ which will be held on April 05-06 at the Gampaha Municipal Stadium. It is a public invitation from the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Affairs to brighten the future of the workers and the country.

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