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Jayagamu Sri Lanka to Trincomalee: Countless Benefits Await!

Jayagamu Sri Lanka to Trincomalee: Countless Benefits Await!

The next program of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka People’s Mobile Service’ organized by the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment to create a generation of smart Sri Lankan workers suitable for the new world of work associated with digitization is scheduled to be held in June 07 and June 08 at Trincomalee “Mc Heyzer” Stadium.

This island-wide ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program, which was started as a concept of the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, has been successfully conducted in many districts of the island and the number of Sri Lankan job seekers and employed people who are benefiting from it is increasing day by day.

In accordance with the guidance of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, an affiliated organization, the Migrant Worker Harasara, Garusaru, Smart Youth Club, and Shrama Vasana Fund are providing grants for the public welfare in this endeavour. People in the Trincomalee district will get a variety of services, including smart boards for schools and educational equipment for students from low-income households.

In addition, Jayagamu Sri Lanka encourages low-income and migrant worker families to entrepreneurial endeavours and raises awareness of the demands of job opportunities.

The public is being made aware of all the institutions within the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment through this programme, and one unique aspect is that they may complete tasks that should have taken longer to complete at the Colombo office from their neighbourhoods.

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